Natural stones are as diverse in their use, texture, shape and color as probably no other material. We have a wide range of natural stones from all over the world and our Ruhr sandstone, which we mine, process and cut to size in our own quarry.

Natural stones are characterized by their warm natural colors, structure and properties that have been known for centuries. There are more than 20,000 different types of natural stone worldwide. Here we would like to give you a small insight into the world of natural stone.

We offer the following topics in the field of interior design:

The selection of natural stones is so enormous that we can only show you a small selection here.

The category will be extended daily and new offers will follow. If you miss a material, a surface treatment, a certain measure, please contact us !

common surfaces

sawn, flamed, sandblasted, polished, sanded, bushhammered, scratched

Due to the surface treatment, the appearance changes, in some cases severely. A yellow granite becomes red when flaming, an anthracite granite almost black. The tread resistance also changes. Here, the application or the intended use is decisive. Polished treads are not suitable and permissible for outdoor use. For outdoor use, you should always choose a tread-resistant surface such as sandblasted, flamed or foxed.

For kitchen worktops you should always consider that the natural stone should be acid-resistant and have a low water absorption. Especially in a kitchen, a variety of acids such as citric acid, fruit acids or carbonic acids accumulate. Cleaning and care also plays a significant role.

Natural stone floors for interior use must have a high abrasion resistance.